Tudor Rose International Limited (“Tudor Rose”)


Tudor Rose  works closely with a number of leading UK branded fast moving consumer goods companies, offering a complete sales, marketing and logistical service.  Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Tudor Rose sells into 78 countries worldwide including USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Australia and China.

Western currently holds 441,900 A ordinary shares in Tudor Rose International representing 49.5 per cent of Tudor Rose’s issued ordinary share capital. Western also holds £1,750,000 of redeemable preference shares in Tudor Rose International at a par value of 1 pence per share.

Western also has provided loans to Tudor Rose and its directors to support its continuing growth. These share were subscribed for by converting an existing loan to Tudor Rose  of £500,000 and paying a further £500, 000.

Since the acquisition of Western’s shareholding in 2008 we have overseen the replacement of the business’s management team and the introduction of a state of the art management information system.

Mr. E J Beale and Mr D C Marshall are non-executive directors of Tudor Rose International.