Swallowfield PLC (“Swallowfield”)

Swallowfield is a market leader in the development, formulation, manufacture and supply of cosmetics, toiletries and related household products for global brands and retailers operating in the cosmetics, personal care and household goods market.  Further information about Swallowfield is available on its website: www.swallowfield.com

Swallowfield’s ordinary shares are admitted to trading on AIM.

We commenced building our shareholding in Swallowfield in 2001.  Western now owns 1,300,000 Swallowfield shares representing 7.59 per cent of Swallowfield’s issued ordinary share capital.

In recent years we have actively campaigned for an improvement in the quality of the board leading to the appointment of a new finance director and chief executive in 2018.

Mr E J Beale was appointed a non-executive director of Swallowfield in July 2014, chairs its Audit Committee and is a member of the Remuneration Committee. He is responsible for oversight of Swallowfield’s audit function and its internal controls in his capacity as Chairman of the Audit Committee. His duties also include maintaining broad remuneration policy and determining targets for performance related pay in his capacity as a member of the Remuneration Committee.